The Bachelor 22.2 Recap

Wow, you Bach-town kids, what. a. week. So here’s the thing, I’m addicted to fantasy sports commentary and since the football season just ended, I’m in serious need of doing statistical analysis of a fantasy league. So pull up your motorcycles and grab Arie around the waist, because I’m breaking out excel, Bach-nationals! (Or ignore this, because I also understand doing that.)

In many ways the second rose ceremony is the hardest week for the Bachelor Bracket, but it’s also the one of least consequence. It’s the hardest, because only 13% of contestants are getting cut, so getting all three out of 18 is almost impossible. But, it has the least consequence, because the best you can do is 36 points and the WORST is 30 points.

The best way to look at the brackets this early is to look at potential scores as opposed to current scores. There are eight rose ceremonies remaining. That is 52 picks and 329 possible points.

Kaplan, you and I are the only ones who exited this week unscathed! Both of the people we picked to move on who lost we also picked to lose next week, so we only lost 2 points from our current score and none from potential score. We still have all 329 potential points remaining.

Alicia caught a tough break with the double Annaliese pick, but she also only lost 2 points from that and no potential points. Jenny losing was rough, though, because Alicia had Jenny going to the Top 12. That’s seven possible points down, so she now only has a possible 322 more, on top of the 32 from this week.

Justice went 0 for 3, but thankfully didn’t send any of the losing contestants that much farther down the bracket. Jenny only goes to the Top 12 (-7 points), and Lauren G. and Valerie only the Top 15 (-3 points) for a descent of 13 points leaving her potential remaining points at 316.

Kristina was left even worse off than Justice in her 0 for 3 performance. Kristina knocked Lauren G. out in the next round (0 potential points lost), and Jessica out after the Top 15 (-3 points), but she put a lot of faith in Jenny’s failed performance, placing her all the way in the Top 9 (-12 points). Kristina has 314 potential remaining points.

The worst off after our first week with the bracket was, without a doubt, Danica. She didn’t put Lauren G. any farther (0 potential points lost), but she put Jenny all the way in the Top 9 (-12 points). The worst pick, though, was Valerie. Danica had Valerie going to the Fantasy Suite, the TOP THREE! That is 43 potential points lost on a Server from Nashville whose typical Saturday night includes going bar hopping and taking lots of crazy photos with friends. What a devastating blow. Well, Danica is down 55 points and now only has 274 potential points remaining.