The Bachelorette 14.4: The Politics of Love


Lights up on Becca and Blake leaning into each other on a bunk bed. They’re talking about how many kids they want and the names that they’ve picked out. They peer into each other’s eyes and see a future. I. Love. This. Episode. At least the start. The start got me.

And now I’m off the high because of Nick. The only thing worse than showing up to a rose ceremony in a track suit is believing that a track suit is part of your identity.

First rose ceremony: Ryan was a bracket buster. As a league we had him receiving 2.4 more roses, which would have put him around 10th place instead of the 16-18th where he ended up. Five of the brackets had him in the Top 9 and two (Jenny and Kelsey) had him in the Top 6.

While Clay hurt our hearts more by leaving, he didn’t hurt our brackets quite as much. On average, we had him getting 2.0 more roses, which would have left him in about 12th place.

We’ve left the mansion and gone straight for the mountains and I am hyped! Arie’s group went from LA to Lake Tahoe and so Becca had to one-up him by going LA to Park City, UT.  

Garrett got the first date. He lives in Reno, so he definitely has a leg up in these mountains. The best acting I’ve seen on the show this year was Garrett pretending to be excited about two women being married. Nice try, you fucking homophobe.

For an in-depth analysis of what I think of Garrett, please visit my first recap of the season.

In the 280 Bach Nation [rose emoji] [bumblebee emoji] group text, we discussed this article about ABC’s poor vetting this season. Former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey said, “Nowhere in the [casting] process does anyone ask you what your political views are. That’s the thing I can’t get out of my mind as a viewer: I have a hard time even thinking [Garrett] could fall in love with Becca. I wish I didn’t have to say that.”

In response, I would posit that maybe ABC knew about Garrett’s views, or, even if they didn’t know, maybe they wouldn’t have cared. I know of multiple families where the spouses are in different political parties. (For example, my mother is a Democrat and my father is in the Green Party, though not’s not the point I’m trying to make here.) But times are changing, and ABC may not realize it. This article in the New York Times discusses a Gallop poll that says, “In 1958, 33 percent of Democrats wanted their daughters to marry a Democrat, and 25 percent of Republicans wanted their daughters to marry a Republican. But by 2016, 60 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of Republicans felt that way.” As our nation becomes more polarized, fewer and fewer Americans are willing to commit themselves to someone on the other side of the ideological spectrum.

This borders on being antithetical to the vision of the Bachelor Franchise. If they believe that true love can outlast anything, then ‘anything’ should include being born in a different environment where a different political party happens to reign supreme. Because that’s all it is: the best indicator of one’s ideological leaning is whether they grew up in an urban or rural environment. Can the openly liberal Becca fall in love with the openly bigoted Garrett? Time will tell.

Moving on to another frontrunner: Colton. Jordan has found a way to drag Colton into his madness. But if Colton wants to remain a frontrunner, he can’t be bogged down by this bologna. He needs to shape up or ship out.

Jason looks like Al Pacino in The Godfather. Jason acts like Al Pacino’s character in the beginning of The Godfather. I really hope he doesn’t end up turning into the godfather and breaking Diane Keaton’s heart, because Jason is amazing and capable of anything watch out world I love you Jason.

ABC pulled a fast one on us. They showed the clip of Jean Blanc saying he was falling in love with Becca in the season promo and I obviously thought that that meant he was going places. Psych, Jean Blanc is a fuck.

Wills had a great date and we were blessed with two rose ceremonies this week. The second rose ceremony was aggressively unsurprising though. The bracket busters came the week before/earlier this episode.


Kristina is leading the pack with 128 points followed by Bonnie with 123 and Justice with 121. Doug (119) and Caitlyn (117) hold fourth and fifth, while Jenny and Kelsey are tied for sixth with 114.

Bringing up the rear is our perennial champion of last place, Danica Martino with 108. It is worth mentioning that this week she put Wills on her bracket as Willis. In fact, she wrote Willis instead of Wills every single time in her bracket. And guess what? According to Danica Martino’s 2018 official prediction, Willis is going to WIN The Bachelorette.

Like last season, I put together the Potential Points Remaining (PPR) stat and the Highest Potential Score (HPS) stat. Unfortunately, every single one of the brackets has their Top 4 completely intact. Right now, we are just competing on the margins for the extra mid-season points.

Despite being in second in points currently, Bonnie is leading the league in HPS with 359 points. She is one of only two with a perfectly intact Top 6.

Kristina is in second with a 358 HPS, because she has Clay going to the Top 6. Justice is in third with a 357 HPS and a perfect Top 6, like Bonnie. In fourth, Doug put Jean Blanc in the Top 6 and Ryan in the Top 9 to drag down his HPS to 344. Caitlyn made identical mistakes to Doug and is left with a 342 HPS.

Jenny and Kelsey are tied at 339. Both have Ryan in the Top 6, but Kelsey has Clay in the Top 9 while Jenny has Jean Blanc there.

As per the scriptures, Danica is in last with an HPS of 322. Making five incorrect picks in Top 12 hurt, but having Clay and tracksuit Nick in the Top 6 really hurts. Fucking tracksuit Nick, Danica? Remarkably, she still has a perfect Top 4.